hi im keroppi!
i am a 13 year old artist, and im also learning how to use css and html! i am also nonbinary, and i go by she/they pronouns :)

here are some of my favorite things!

music: the b-52's, oingo boingo, queen, jack stauber, arctic monkeys, penelope scott, will wood, mother mother, lemon demon.

tv shows: the IT crowd (i do NOT support the writer), my little pony (yeah lol)

video games: animal crossing, TF2, minecraft, mario kart wii, super mario galaxy, kirby's epic yarn, undertale, deltarune. (undertale made me cry far too many times qwq)

movies: back to the future (1-3), stand by me, black widow (2021)

other media: HLVRAI, the walten files

characters: tommy coolatta (hlvrai), my melody (sanrio), keroppi (sanrio), medic (tf2)